Online GIS Certificate Tuition

UWF offers online GIS courses at a flat tuition rate regardless of location. We offer students remote access to the latest geospatial technology, experienced instructors, and relevant spatial applications at a cost that is lower per credit hour than other institutions.

Online GIS Certificate Tuition




Number of Credit Hours*

24 credits at the undergraduate tuition rate

24 credits at the graduate tuition rate

Tuition Rate

$330.00 per credit hour

$630.00 per credit hour for graduate credits

Total Cost



*Tuition rates are effective 2019-2020 Academic year.

  • GIS Certificate programs charge a flat tuition rate regardless of location based on the table above.
  • GIS Minor charges regular UWF Online Campus tuition rates. 

Here is a Level comparison that may help you decide if the Graduate level Certificate is right for you.

Financial Aid

The University of West Florida offers minimal or no financial assistance for non-degree-seeking students. Most students enroll as non-degree seeking to complete our Certificate program and are therefore not eligible for FAFSA. For more information, visit the UWF financial aid site

Florida Prepaid can be applied towards the online courses. 

Military Students

Our GIS Certificate is approved by the Dept. of Veterans MGI Bill. This is a credit-earning certificate from a regionally accredited SOC institution. We recommend all military and veteran students visit or contact the UWF Military and Veterans Resource Center for personalized assistance to manage your claims and files.

If you need an advisor to provide a course plan to complete VA certification for the GIS Certificate,  email your request to

State Employee Tuition Waiver

This is not a state-funded program, and as such we, unfortunately, do not accept State employee tuition waivers for Non-degree Seeking students. UWF Policy states that: "Waiver of fees is not authorized for the following kinds of courses: directed studies, practicums, internships, music and theatre performance, Continuing Education, and other one-on-one course situations such as theses and dissertations."

Click here for more information on the State Employee Tuition Waiver.