GIS Internship Course Details

We believe hands-on experience with geospatial technology is not only essential for students pursuing GIS certificates; it is a valuable advantage for nearly any career path. Here you’ll find information regarding our requirements for student internships and capstones.

Internship Highlights

The GIS Certificate programs at UWF include an internship requirement that is designed to help students gain real-world work experience so they are marketable for the workforce.

  1. Students are required to complete 130 hours of GIS-related work experience with an approved "employer" 
  2. Approved internship experiences are supervised applications of Geographic Information Science (GIS) in business, government, non-profit, educational or other related fields.  They can involve fieldwork, data processing, geospatial analysis, and even attending relevant conferences. 
  3. Internships may be paid or unpaid, but all employers should comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
  4. Supervisors must agree to mentor the student and to complete necessary evaluations within a timely manner.  
  5. While UWF cannot secure a position for you, we will do our best to connect students with an internship in their area using a list of active internship locations gained through conferences, networking, past student locations, and word of mouth.

Internship Tour

This web map highlights our GIS internship students including a brief synopsis of the work or projects that they have completed.