AI Projects

A student programs an iRobot in the AI lab.
Student programming iRobot

Current Project

Students are hard at work learning about AI through doing.  Their project makes use of the iRobot Create platform, a simple 2­-wheel drive disc­-shaped robot with ultrasonic cliff sensors and an IR light sensor. The robot is able to sense the vertical distance between itself and the floor using its cliff sensors and therefore, avoid falls. An IR beacon will be used as the robot’s goal object. Several AI search and navigation algorithms will be used and compared to evaluate algorithm performance and usefulness in support of the project goals. The group will be presenting  on their work at the UWF Student Scholars Symposium.

Locating a beacon on a raised surface while avoiding falling off of the sides is quite a twist on the traditional walled maze!

AI Software Demo: Image Processing

Past Projects

AI Modules for Open-Source Games (Glest)

The goal of this project is to develop an intelligent player for the real-time strategy game Glest that utilizes AI techniques to create a competitive AI agent that will challenge human players. Glest is an open-source game that allows anyone to use or modify the existing code under its license, making it a prime choice for a research group. This project will provide a framework for the exploration of AI methods for more intelligent and realistic game play. In addition, it will establish a code base for future teams to build upon to develop and evaluate more advanced AI-based game strategies.

AI Robotic Programming

The goal of this project is to explore the development and use of AI techniques for robotics. Appropriate AI algorithms will be implemented and evaluated for tasks such as path planning and navigation for different robots, such as the iRobot Create from iRobot and the IntelliBrain-Bot from Ridgesoft. The framework and methods will be tested in a variety of maze environments.

Other Project Opportunities

Students may work on other project topics they are interested in, such as:
- Adaptive & intelligent learning environments
- AI in games
- Knowledge-based systems
- Neural networks and machine learning
- Robotics
- Software & web agents

AAAI AI Topics


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