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Dr. Brian Eddy

  • Position: Associate Professor
  • Department: Computer Science
  • Office Location: Building 4, Room 244
  • Campus: 850.474.3017


Dr. Brian P. Eddy, an Associate Professor, holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Alabama. His research examines software engineering, program comprehension, software maintenance and evolution, model-driven engineering and information retrieval. Eddy also studies computer science education and platforms and curriculum for the purposes of K-12 teaching and outreach. Eddy has a M.S. in Computer Science from Alabama and two B.S. degrees from Armstrong Atlantic State University – one in Computer Science, the other in Applied Mathematics. His research on latent Dirichlet allocation has been published in Empirical Software Engineering.

Degrees & Institutions:

Ph.D. Computer Science, University of Alabama
M.S. Computer Science, University of Alabama
B.S. Mathematics, Armstrong State University
B.S. Computer Science, Armstrong State University


Dr. Eddy's research involves Program Comprehension, Maintenance and Evolution, Software Engineering, Agile Methods, DevOps, Computer Science and Software Engineering Education and Outreach.

Current Courses:

  • Software Engineering I
  • Software Engineering Management

Classes Taught:

  • Software Engineering I
  • Software Engineering II
  • Software Engineering Management
  • Capstone

Keywords: latent Dirichlet allocation, software engineering, computer science education, program comprehension, model-driven engineering, information retrieval