Environmental Bibliography for Northwest Florida

A database of environmental concerns, air and water quality studies

The Environmental Bibliography can be accessed through: PERCH Bibliography

In June 1999, the special Grand Jury on Air and Water Quality (Grand Jury Report) impaneled by the Chief Judge of the First Judicial Court of the State of Florida reported that "many independent, separate, and often redundant, studies have been made of various aspects of the area air and water." These redundant studies have, in part, hampered the ability to identify and address environmental concerns in Northwest Florida. Mearns and McEarlen (1987) compiled an environmental bibliography for Northwest Florida for the period 1900-1985. West Florida Regional Planning Council compiled a bibliography containing about 900 citations. Literature references derived from both of these sources, along with citations gathered from separate searches, have been incorporated into a searchable electronic database. This database, currently with more than 2,000 citations, has been posted on a web site accessible to the general public. The entries contain information normally found in a citation, along with an abstract or an annotation, key words, and also information (if available) on the closest library with holdings for the citation.

This project was supported by US EPA Cooperative Agreement X-9755002.