Source tracking laboratory

Tracking Source of Fecal Contamination in Environmental Waters

Escambia County Health Department
07/01/05 - 06/30/06
PI's: Joe E. Lepo and Richard A. Snyder

This project involves monitoring and development of new methods for chemical and bacterial contaminants in surface water and groundwater samples for Bayou Texar, Carpenters Creek, Bayou Chico and Jones Creek, Escambia County. In addition to analyzing samples for Enterococci, nitrogen, phosphorus, BOD, and ammonia, CEDB will conduct basic research on the application of DNA amplification of highly specialized genomic sequences peculiar to the respective bacterial indicator, and on the utility of detergent whitener as a indicator of inorganic nutrient sources of environmental contamination. The resulting data will assist the county and state health departments to develop appropriate management plans to improve environmental water quality and protect human health.

Source tracking fecal contamination equipment