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Impact of Agricultural Runoff on Total Maximum Daily Loads and Water Quality

U.S. Department of Agriculture
09/15/01 - 09/14/05
PI: Joe E. Lepo and Richard A. Snyder 

This project integrated water quality analysis and BMP (best management practices) research with outreach, education, and extension. The project involved (a) evaluation of the effect of BMPs on water quality for runoff from a row-cropping/pasture site, a silvicultural watershed, and for an aquaculture discharge site; (b) characterization of land use and nutrient loads in drainages of the Escambia River; (c) education in agricultural runoff issues, agricultural BMPs, and environmental water quality - including the development of pertinent university courses, secondary school teaching modules, and training in GPS/GIS technology; (d) and extension activities, to be carried out in collaboration with USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service and the Florida Department of Agricultural and Consumer services, to disseminate the applicability of the generated data in BMP implementation and efficacy. This project was a cooperative effort involving faculty from the CEDB, Department of Environmental Studies, and College of Professional Studies at UWF, as well as high school and middle school teachers in the area.


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