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Field Classes

Field Classes for Biology Undergraduate and Graduate students

The Biology Department provides excellent opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students to enroll in field courses. Required with the coursework, several labs have extensive field trips where students become immersed in the environment they are studying. Some recent trips have included Indonesia, Costa Rica, the Florida Keys and Honduras. The following are a few pictures and slides from some of the trips.

Costa Rica

Our Costa Rica field ecology course offers students the opportunity to study plant and animal life in the most ecologically diverse tropical marine and forest areas in Central America. While in country, students visit coral reefs, mangrove swamps, and rocky shore environments as well as tropical rain forest and tropical dry forest habitats.

Costa Rica Powerpoint (Powerpoint file)

Indonesia Powerpoint (Powerpoint file)

Kayaks on the water

Florida Keys

The following pictures are from the marine invertebrate field trip taken this past November in the Florida Keys.  Students were so inspired by waking up in the islands that they took a morning paddle before heading out to learn.

Students looking at mangroves

Dr. Pomory discusses the importance of the different types of mangroves for humans and animals during the class field trip to the Florida Keys.  This four day journey immerses the students in different ecosystems.

Various pictures from the Dry Tortugas

Dry Tortugas

Students operating wildlife catching equipment

Bellows Trip

The pictures below are from a day trip aboard the Research Vessell Bellows where students learn to work sampling equipment and then sort through all the organisms that are caught.

A tropical fish

Bimini Trip

Bimini is a critical habitat for sharks and other tropical marine organisms.  It has been an important site for several graduate research projects and continues to be a site for select studies by graduate students and faculty. The following are pictures from these trips.

Yellow pitcher plants

Wetland Ecology


Classes visit Eglin Air Force Base where the EAFB botanist leads the class through wetland habitats called seepage slopes. After cutting open the stem of one plant, a fly clinging to the sides is exposed.