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Reasons to choose a major in Biology

Career opportunities with a B.S. in Biology

Specialization options within the biology program provide students with many career opportunities in government, industry, and education.

Microbiologists and molecular biologists find themselves in a high growth field. They pursue jobs in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, food production and safety, pollution control, and environmental diagnostics. The Biology Department is dedicated to engaging students in research projects with faculty and graduate students through Directed Independent Studies, in addition, some students may have the opportunity to work on projects with UWF's Center for Diagnostics and Bioremediation.

Want to be a doctor, dentist, veterinarian, physician's assistant, or physical therapist? The Preprofessional Track will prepare you for a career as a health professional.

Careers in Marine Biology

Graduates of the Marine Biology program will be ready to begin a career in a variety of fields, including environmental regulation, conservation, fisheries, aquaculture, or marine technology. Students who wish to continue their studies at the graduate level will find themselves highly qualified to study at the advanced level. If you are anticipating graduate study, Biology offers numerous options at the graduate level.

With a Master's degree in Biology...

Whether one wants to go on to doctoral work, employment, or teaching in the field, a Master's in this program is ideal. Some representative careers include bioremediation, marine biology, medical research, microbiology, education, pharmaceutics, and public health. Please visit our web page on graduate studies in Biology to see all available options.