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Commitment to Diversity


The University of West Florida is committed to a culture in which all students, staff, and faculty members - regardless of race, ethnicity, creed, national origin, gender, age, physical ability, etc. - are able to learn, teach, and work to their fullest potential.

28% of graduate students are minority.

The Graduate School strives to promote diversity and social equity by recruiting and retaining a diverse group of graduate students, and by creating a climate of respect that is supportive of their success.

Message from the Office of Equity & Diversity

At the University of West Florida, we define equal opportunity as non-discrimination on the basis of protected characteristics. We define diversity as the various attributes we each possess based on characteristics from birth, the experience we have had, and the decisions we have made. We define inclusion as acknowledging and leveraging diversity by creating an environment where students, faculty, and staff feel accepted and valued.  We celebrate the unique characteristics of each member of our community as well as the commonalities we share. As an educational institution, we recognize the considerable benefits emanating from the diverse human mosaic that is our university. It is our vision to be an intellectual and cultural center that engages our students, faculty, staff and community partners in an ongoing and dynamic process that prepares each of us to be culturally competent in an ever-changing multicultural world.

UWF Diversity Plan 2018-2022