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How to Apply

The Graduate School administers the application, admission, and readmission process for all degree-seeking and non-degree seeking graduate students. We are happy to help guide you through the graduate application process.

Application Process


1. Select a Graduate Program.

2. Review Admission Requirements.

3. Submit Online Application.

4. Submit required Application Materials.

5. Check Application Status.


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Review Process

Initial Evaluation

Once all application materials are submitted, the Graduate School will complete an initial evaluation and forward your application to the department for an admission decision. Incomplete applications will not be considered for admission or may be denied admission.

Decision Notification

The Graduate School will notify the applicant of the admission decision through email. Admission to the University is often contingent upon the subsequent receipt of satisfactory and official college or university transcripts and verification of baccalaureate degree. Failure to submit such documents before the end of the second week of class of the initial semester of enrollment may result in the cancellation of admission.

Application Deadlines

Please note: not all programs and deadlines are listed below. For programs that are not listed, you may reach out to the individual program for deadline information.

ProgramFall DeadlineSpring DeadlineSummer Deadline
Anthropology/Historical Anthropology, M.A. 1/15 No admission No admission
English, M.A. 6/1 11/1 3/1
History, M.A. 7/15 11/1 3/1
Political Science/International Affairs, M.A. 7/1 11/1 4/1
Strategic Communication, M.A. August Start: 8/16 January Start: 11/3 May Start: 5/9
October Start: 10/11 March Start: 2/4 June Start: 6/13

ProgramFall DeadlineSpring DeadlineSummer Deadline
College Student Affairs Admin, M.Ed. 6/1 No admission No admission
Criminal Justice, M.S. 8/1 12/1 5/1
Curriculum & Instruction, Ed.S. 5/1 No admission No admission
Curriculum & Instruction, Ed.D. 5/1 No admission No admission
Exceptional Student Education, M.A. - Applied Behavior Analysis Specialization 6/1 10/1 3/1
Exceptional Student Education, M.A. - Special and Alternative Education Specialization 9/15 2/1 4/15
Instructional Design & Technology, M.Ed. 7/24 12/1 4/10
Instructional Design & Technology, Ed.D. 7/24 No admission No admission
Public Admin, M.S.A. 8/1 12/1 4/1
Reading, M.Ed. 8/1 No admission No admission

ProgramFall DeadlineSpring DeadlineSummer Deadline
Accounting, M.Acc. August Start: 8/13 January Start: 1/1 May Start: 5/6
October Start: 10/8 March Start: 2/25 June Start: 6/20
All M.B.A. programs 9/20 January Start: 11/1 May Start: 4/19
March Start: 2/15 June Start: 5/24

ProgramFall DeadlineSpring DeadlineSummer Deadline
Biology, M.S. 6/1 11/1 3/1
Computer Science, M.S. (campus) 9/30 12/11 6/3
Data Science, M.S. 7/2 11/1 5/1
Electrical and Computer Engineering, M.S. 8/1 12/1 4/15
Earth and Environmental Science, M.S. 8/1 11/1 4/15
Math, M.S. 7/1 11/1 5/1
Intelligent Systems & Robotics, Ph.D. 5/1 11/1 No admission

ProgramFall DeadlineSpring DeadlineSummer Deadline
Athletic Training, M.S.A.T. No admission No admission 3/1
Healthcare Admin, M.H.A 7/31 12/1 5/1
Health Promotion & Worksite Wellness, M.S. 8/1 12/15 5/1
Movement Sciences & Health, M.S. 8/1 12/15 5/1
Public Health, M.P.H. 7/15 11/15 4/2
Psychology, M.A. - LMHC 5/1 No admission No admission
Psychology, M.A. - I-O 2/1 No admission No admission