First Place: Delaney Beal and Nathan Keeton - Home Is Where The Heart Is

A Winning Song of Impact

As the world grapples with the impact of COVID-19, we asked Argo Nation to step up, put its creativity to the test and submit videos of encouragement to the community.

Over the course of just a few short weeks, Argo Nation answered the call. Not only did our spirited community share their songs of impact, they also voted for their favorites, and gave toward much-needed causes for those affected by COVID-19.

The Winning Team

Argo Nation voted for their favorite. Congratulations to Delaney Beal and Nathan Keeton as the first place winner of the Songs of Impact contest. Delaney and Nathan have won the opportunity to perform their song in the professional recording studio at WUWF, an opportunity to perform their song live during Homecoming Week and a $300 gift card to the UWF Bookstore.

Second place goes to Tilden and Thapelo Whitfield who have won a $100 gift card to the UWF Bookstore. Third place goes to Tris Weeks who has won a $50 gift card to the UWF Bookstore.

Second Place: Tilden and Thapelo Whitfield - We Can Be
Third Place: Tris Weeks - Stick Together (By Staying Apart!)

Ready to show your support?

While the contest has ended, the need has not. We encourage you, if you are able, to continue supporting these great initiatives to help those among our community who are in need. Show your support by giving to one or more of the following initiatives.


Argo Pantry

An initiative that helps combat food insecurity for students facing food scarcity.

Learn more about ArgoPantry.


Student Emergency Relief Fund

An initiative that provides support for students adversely affected by COVID-19.

Learn more about the Student Emergency Relief Fund.


UWF Foundation Scholarship Funds

An initiative that raises funds for merit and needs-based scholarships.

Learn more about the UWF Scholarship Funds.

This contest is closed. You can view all the semi-finalists below.