Cassandra Delgado

Prosthetic Resident, Prosthetic and Orthotic Associates

After graduating from UWF with a degree in exercise science, Delgado earned a master’s degree from Alabama State University’s orthotics and prosthetics program. She is now a prosthetic resident with Prosthetic and Orthotic Associates.

Where’s your hometown and what made you decide to attend UWF?

I’m from Graceville, Florida. To me, UWF was the perfect distance from home, about a two-hour drive. As the valedictorian of my high school class, I was offered the John C. Pace Scholarship, which covered tuition, housing and a meal plan in conjunction with Florida Bright Futures. It also gave me funding for a summer experience to travel to Germany.

Tell us about your trip to Germany.

It was part of the Pace Scholarship, and I presented research on neurology and concussions. The trip helped me to understand different cultures. For example, if I have an amputee from Germany, part of my clinical work will include making sure that his/her prosthetic leg is suitable not just for walking, but also for riding a bike, as that is their main source of transportation. It opened my eyes to how different cultures operate and that will, in turn, make me a better clinician.

What memories from your time on campus stand out the most to you?

It’s all the student life experiences, like Homecoming festivities, soccer games and other campus activities. UWF is big enough to provide plenty of things to do, but not so large that you don’t know anyone. I’m so fortunate and appreciative that my time at UWF helped lead the way to my future career.