Faculty and Staff Information

Hurricane preparation procedures for staff, personnel, and facilities.

Office Preparation

  • All University departments and offices should prepare their equipment and essential files prior to leaving campus.
  • All electronic equipment (computers, modems, monitors, copiers, UPS systems, etc.) should be turned off and unplugged.
  • Electronic equipment should be moved away from windows (if feasible) and covered with plastic sheeting. Plastic sheeting and plastic bags are available and will be distributed by Physical Plant to all building coordinators.
  • Building coordinators will be responsible for storing and distributing the materials within their respective areas.
  • Essential files should be placed in file cabinets and secured. Do not leave valuable materials on desks or shelving.
  • Personal belongings of value should be taken home. The University will not replace personal items which have been damaged or are missing or stolen.
  • All office doors and building doors must be closed and locked.

Essential Personnel

Select departments and personnel are designated to remain on campus during and after the storm. Those include, but are not limited to, Facilities Maintenance, University Police/Switchboard, and University Housing. These staff members are assigned specific duties and responsibilities to organize individuals unable to leave campus, provide security, repair minor damage to facilities, and re-open access to the campus and buildings.