Records Management Overview

Florida's records management program promotes the efficient, effective, and economical management of public records.

Photo of Business & Auxiliary Services records management storage unit
The UWF Records Center (Bldg. 48) has a storage capacity of 6,522 cubic feet.

Records Retention & Disposition

Proper records management ensures that information is available when and where it is needed, in an organized and efficient manner, and in an appropriate environment.

Records management is more than retention, storage, and disposition of records; it entails all record-keeping requirements and practices that allow an organization to establish and maintain control over information flow and administrative operations. Florida's records management program is authorized by section 257.36, Florida Statutes and applies to records of public agencies as defined in 119.011(12), F.S.

Records management is the management of records throughout their life cycle, from their creation through active use, inactive storage, and final disposition. Among the many benefits of records management are:

  • Space savings
  • Reduced expenses for filing equipment
  • Increased efficiency of information retrieval
  • Compliance with records retention requirements
  • Identification and protection of vital records
  • Control over creation of new records
  • Identification of historical records

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Records Management

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