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Licensing Overview

The UWF Collegiate Licensing Program is the vehicle through which the University grants permission for the use of the University's marks. Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) manages the University's licensing program for both the athletic and institutional logos.

University of West Florida Highlights

  • Established: 1963
  • School colors: UWF Blue and UWF Green
  • Athletic Conference: Gulf South Conference; Division II
  • Athletic mascot: "Argie" 
  • Athletic team name: Argonauts
  • Trademark licensing affiliation: Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC)
  • Labeling required: CLC’s “OLCP” (Official Licensed Collegiate Product) hologram label or hangtag
  • Approximate number of licensed vendors: 131
as of June 1, 2020


UWF's licensing program

The University of West Florida’s academic reputation and intercollegiate athletic program success make our trademarks highly valued and worthy of protection. UWF Athletics compete in the ultra-competitive Gulf South Conference and has won nine NCAA Div. II National Championships in sports such as football, baseball, men’s golf, men’s tennis and women’s soccer. In 2019, the Argonauts football team won the NCAA Div. II National Championship Game in just their fourth season of competition.

About trademarks: Any mark, logo, hallmark, seal, symbol, nickname, letter(s), word, or derivative that can be associated with the University of West Florida and can be distinguished from those of other institutions or entities qualifies as a trademark. 

The University has entered into an agreement with Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) to manage the University's Licensing Program. Any manufacturer of products bearing any University of West Florida mark, including items for resale and internal use, must be properly licensed before offering such goods for distribution.  

Vendors should visit the Collegiate Licensing Company website and select the "Get Licensed" tab to apply for a license. The CLC contact for businesses interested in becoming licensed to produce UWF merchandise is or 770.956.0520. Vendors will have access to the UWF licensed marks after they have completed the licensing registration process. Please keep in mind that a licensed vendor should be used at all times. Artwork for all items, whether purchased for resale or internal use, must be submitted by the licensed vendor to CLC for approval prior to distribution.

UWF community seeking vendors who are licensed with UWF will find current lists on the Shop UWF Official Gear webpage. UWF departments placing orders from licensed vendors should plan to allow time for the approval process, normally one to two days.

For further information regarding logos or other brand-related questions, please consult the UWF Brand Portal, contact Institutional Communications at, or read University Policy FIN-12.01–04/20 - Use of UWF Licensed Marks.

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Maera Bradberry, Program Manager
Office: 850.857.6071

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