Licensing Overview

The UWF Collegiate Licensing Program is the vehicle through which the university grants permission for the use of the University's marks.

Photo of Argonaut plush toy.
Find a variety of UWF licensed merchandise, including this 18-inch plush Argie, at the UWF Bookstore on campus.

UWF's licensing program

The University of West Florida’s academic reputation and intercollegiate athletic program success make our trademarks highly valued and worthy of protection. UWF Athletics compete in the ultra-competitive Gulf South Conference and has won eight NCAA Div. II national championships in sports such as baseball, men’s golf, men’s tennis and women’s soccer. In 2017, the Argonauts football team advanced to the NCAA Div. II National Championship Game in just their second season of competition.

About trademarks: Any mark, logo, hallmark, seal, symbol, nickname, letter(s), word, or derivative that can be associated with the University of West Florida and can be distinguished from those of other institutions or entities qualifies as a trademark. 

The University has entered into an agreement with Learfield Licensing Partners, LLC to manage the University's Licensing Program. Any manufacturer of products bearing any University of West Florida mark, including items not for resale, must be properly licensed before offering such goods for sale.  

Vendors should visit the Learfield Licensing website and select the "Licensing" tab to apply for a license. The Learfield contact for businesses interested in becoming licensed to produce UWF merchandise is Brandy Jamison, or 317.663.7433. Vendors will have access to the UWF licensed marks after they have completed the licensing registration process. Please keep in mind that licensed vendors are required to submit artwork containing any UWF mark(s) to Learfield for approval prior to sale.

UWF community seeking vendors who are licensed with UWF will find current lists on the UWF Licensed Vendors webpage. UWF departments placing orders from licensed vendors should plan to allow time for the approval process, normally one to two days.

For information regarding logos or other brand-related questions, please consult the UWF Brand Portal or contact Institutional Communications, at

Licensing Program Contact: Linda Quina, Business and Auxiliary Services, (850) 474-2640,

License types

Standard – used by companies that desire to produce licensed products for resale to the general public

Internal Use – used by companies that desire to only produce licensed products for internal use at the selected institution

Cobranded – may use company logo along with UWF logos on items

Where to buy UWF items

Show your school spirit and wear UWF gear on campus and in our community. UWF emblematic items are available for purchase at the locations below. To find the location nearest you, view the Google Map to these retail stores.

  • UWF Bookstore on campus
  • Argo Fan Shop at Argo Village on N. Davis Hwy.
  • Bed Bath & Beyond at Cordova Mall
  • CVS on Davis Hwy.
  • Dick's Sporting Goods at Cordova Mall
  • Embroidery Station at Cordova Mall
  • Publix on 9 Mile Road
  • Target on 9 Mile Road
  • Textbook Brokers on University Pkwy.
  • Walgreens on 9 Mile Road
  • Walmart on Hwy. 90 in Pace
  • Walmart on Hwy. 29
  • Walmart on 9 Mile Road