Current Semester Offerings

Below is a list of the courses and what times of year they are offered.

Semester Schedule

TitleCourse #
Modern Astronomy AST 3033 X X X
University Physics I PHY 2048 X X X
University Physics II PHY 2049 X X X
General Physics I PHY 2053 X X X
General Physics II PHY 2054 X X X
Modern Physics I PHY 3106 X    
Modern Physics II PHY 3107   X  
Intermediate Mechanics PHY 3220   X  
Optics PHY 3424 X    
Electricity & Magnetism I PHY 4323   X  
Electricity & Magnetism II PHY 4325 X    
Lasers & Applications PHY4445   Even  
Thermodynamics & Kinetic Theory PHY 4513 X    
Quantum Theory I PHY 4604 X    
Quantum Theory II PHY 4605   Odd  
Intermediate-Level Physics Problems PHZ 3108   X  
Mathematical Physics I PHZ 4113 X    
Mathematical Physics II PHZ 4114   X  
Engineering Mechanics - Statics EGM 2500      
Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics EGM 3401      

[Note: Some of the advanced courses are offered every other year (every even or odd year). Legend: Fa=Fall, Sp=Spring, Su=Summer]