Pre-Reefing Environmental Assessment for the ex-Oriskany

Computer Sciences Corporation 02/01/06 - 03/31/07 PIs: Richard Snyder and William Patterson

This project was conducted to assist the US Navy with their plans to sink the ex-ORISKANY as an artificial reef off of Pensacola, Florida in May 2006. We examined polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) distribution in sediments and key biota for the nearshore northern Gulf of Mexico (Gulf) continental shelf off of Pensacola, Florida. The impetus for this work was to establish a baseline dataset of PCB concentrations on the north Florida Shelf for comparison of future samples collected from the ex-Oriskany reef. The reefing site in the southeast corner of the Escambia East Large Area Artificial Reef Site was used as a focal point for the work. Sediments, water column particulates, and biota were sampled in the vicinity of the reefing site and across the shelf. Sampling and analysis followed established standard procedures for each matrix.

Final Report:
Pre-Reefing Environmental Assessment for the ex-ORISKANY (PDF)