Center for Environmental Diagnostics and Bioremediation selected reports

Fish Atlas (Link)

Partnership for Environmental Research and Community Health (PERCH), (Link)

ECUA_Fluoride_Lab_Report (PDF) Impact of Fluoridation of the Municipal Drinking Water Supply: Results of Field and Laboratory Study, 06/2001

ECUA_Fluoride_Report (PDF) of the Municipal Drinking Water Supply: Review of the Literature, 9/2002

Analysis of Fecal Loadings Into Bayous Grande, Chico, and Texar, Pensacola Bay System, FL, 09/2006 (Link)

Pre-Reefing Environmental Assessment for the ex-Oriskany, 01/2007 (Link)

Survey of Emergent and Submerged Vegetation along the Bagdad, Florida waterfront, 08/2007 (Link)

ECUA_report_final_1 (PDF) ECUA Water Report, 01/2010