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Event, Activity and Meeting Guidelines

The below guidelines apply to in-person departmental or student organization-sponsored events and meetings.

Events, Activities and Meeting Guidelines

As of March 9, 2021, in-person events, activities and meetings on and off campus that include more than 10 people must follow the below guidelines. 

Registration and Approval:

  • Student organization events, activities and meetings with more than 10 people must be registered via ArgoPulse and approved by Student Involvement.
  • University-sponsored events, activities and meetings with more than 10 people must be approved by the appropriate Dean and Provost or Vice President.

*Please note that event requests may not be immediately approved due to campus venues making modified accommodations. 

Maximum Capacities:

  • Indoor events, activities and meetings may not exceed 25 people
  • Outdoor events, activities and meetings may not exceed 50 people

Exceptions to capacity guidelines may be approved by the appropriate Vice President.

Health and Safety Strategies:

UWF Required Health and Safety Strategies must be followed. 

Additional Guidelines:

  • Events with alcohol are prohibited. 
  • On-campus events, activities and meetings sponsored by non-University customers are not permitted unless approved by the appropriate Vice President. 


  • If the University determines that an event or gathering does not comply with Event and Gatherings Guidelines, the University reserves the right to:
    • Deny or rescind the event organizer’s permission to use the venue (even if the event has already started); and
    • Restrict the event organizer from reserving campus space in the future.
  • Repeat or blatant disregard for the Event and Gatherings Guidelines may result in adjudication through the conduct process.

Additional Information:

  • Exemption to the capacity and non-University sponsor guidelines may be made by the appropriate Vice President. All other exemptions may be proposed and approved at the President’s cabinet level.
  • These guidelines do not apply to academic courses/curricular activities. Curricular activities are those explicitly tied to an active course or required by a student’s degree program. Curricular activities should be delivered per approval of the appropriate Dean and Provost. 

Required Strategies:

  • Face coverings are recommended during indoor events and meetings, and during outdoor events and meetings when social distancing is not possible.
  • Events and meetings shall not exceed 90 minutes in duration unless otherwise approved by Student Involvement (for student organizations) or the appropriate VP, AVP or Dean (departments).
  • Events and meetings must be scheduled in a manner that allows venue managers to clean and sanitize the space before its next use.
  • Events and meetings must adhere to any guidelines established by the venue manager, including room and venue setup and capacities. Venue directions may regulate the arrangement of furniture, the use of equipment, etc.  
  • Each event and meeting must have at least one event manager responsible for adherence to the appropriate guidelines.  
  • Attendee lists must be accurately maintained and documented. 
  • Food and non-alcoholic beverages for on-campus events must comply with the restrictions and requirements established by Business and Auxiliary Services. All food and beverages must be individually packaged.
  • Communications advertising the event must include a statement encouraging those individuals at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19 (including older adults and people of all ages with certain underlying medical conditions) to avoid such events and gatherings at this time, and when available, direct them to virtual participation options.
  • No more than the established maximum number of people may be present at any given time during the event, including staff members. 
  • Event managers and reviewers should consider the total number of attendees and engagement patterns to avoid exposure to more than the maximum number of people in a given day. 
  • All approved in-person events, activities and meetings must be submitted to the UWF Event Calendar.