Event, Activity and Meeting Guidelines

UWF is providing monthly updates on event guidelines. New event guidelines will be decided based on the current environment and guidance from our COVID-19 task force and the CDC.

As of Oct. 5, 2020, events, activities and meetings on and off campus are limited to 10 or fewer people and must follow the guidelines below:

  • Face coverings must be worn inside all shared indoor spaces, as well as outdoor areas when social distancing is not maintained.
  • Food may not be provided by the event organizer(s). 
  • Student organization events, activities and meetings must be registered via ArgoPulse and approved by Student Involvement.  
  • University-sponsored events, activities, and meetings must be approved by the appropriate Dean, Associate Vice President, or Vice President. 
  • Gatherings may not exceed the COVID-19 venue capacity and must comply with directions from the venue manager.
  • On-campus events, activities, and meetings sponsored by non-University customers are not permitted unless approved by the President. 

In special cases, University officials may permit on-campus events with more than 10 people in an effort to provide safer activities for students. These events will be proposed and approved at the President’s cabinet level and will adhere to social distancing and face covering guidelines. 

Specific illness prevention and risk mitigation strategies, such as designated event managers, crowd management, duration, venue guidelines, cleaning and sanitizing, attendee limits and attendee registration, will be determined during the review and approval process for each event or meeting.

The University may revert to no events and activities at any time if guidelines are not followed, there is a significant increase in cases or the CDC changes guidance. 

The University will continue evaluating this decision based on CDC guidance and provide an update to the campus community on the first Monday of every month. Future in-person events that do not follow these guidelines should not be planned or promoted until these guidelines change. 

Decisions on events, activities and meetings do not affect academic courses at UWF. 

The health and safety of the UWF community is a shared responsibility for all. For more information on the Returning to UWF Plan, visit uwf.edu/return.