Healthy Campus Environment

The University deployed strategies for a healthier campus environment, including providing face coverings, hand sanitizer, mandatory training modules and educational materials, among other resources, to students, employees and visitors. A significant number of events and services are offered remotely. All facilities adhere to CDC guidelines and safety protocols for on-campus residents have been enhanced.

Safety Protocols

UWF provided one reusable cloth face covering and a bottle of hand sanitizer for every student and employee.

A disposable or cloth face covering is required in all shared indoor spaces, as well as outdoor areas where social distancing is not possible.

Examples of shared indoor spaces include classrooms, laboratories, hallways, shared offices, cubicles, open offices, restrooms, conference rooms, lobbies and lounge areas, retail spaces, museums, libraries and dining facilities. Anyone using a dining facility should cover their face until they sit down to eat and then put the face covering back on immediately after. 

Face coverings may be removed when inside of private building space, such as a single-use office or a residence hall room.

Anyone with a disability that prevents them from wearing face coverings will be directed to Student Accessibility Resources (students) or Human Resources (employees) and accommodations will be made.

Students and employees are required to take a mandatory COVID-19 Training as well as a Daily COVID-19 Return to Campus Pre-screening every day before coming to a University location. 

  • All students must fill out the Daily COVID-19 Pre-Screening on a daily basis if they are:
    • Visiting campus (every day they visit)
    • Living on-campus and leaving their residence hall room (every day they leave their residence hall room)
  • All UWF employees (faculty, staff and OPS) regardless of remote or on-site must fill out the Daily COVID-19 Pre-Screening on a daily basis on every working day. 
    • Exemptions:
      • Employees considered permanent remote work as part of their job description. If permanent remote employees plan to visit a UWF location, they must also fill out the Daily COVID-19 Pre-Screening. 
      • Employees taking annual leave. These employees must resume when their annual leave is completed. 
      • Employees that are currently quarantined or isolated and have already notified Human Resources. These employees must resume when their quarantine or isolation period is complete.

All facilities adhere to CDC guidelines, as well as University established guidelines. UWF has increased the cleaning of facilities and disinfecting frequently touched areas.

examples of health wellness and prevention resources
Example Health, Wellness and Prevention Resources Available to Campus