Academic Programming

The University expanded its course delivery options to ensure students receive the top-rate education expected from UWF while maintaining health and safety protocols.

  • Revised course delivery methods include full distance learning, primarily distance learning, hybrid and primarily classroom. 
  • The course delivery framework was developed by college deans with input from stakeholders, including department chairs and faculty members. Department chairs are working with faculty members to review and restructure course delivery modalities as appropriate. 
  • The college deans in consultation with department chairs and instructors developed instructional strategies to promote a safer and healthier University including rotating classroom attendance, alternating online and face-to-face components, among others. Instructors will communicate with students directly regarding the specific strategies selected for each individual course. 
  • Students identified as high-risk are directed to academic advisors, who work with them to facilitate other delivery methods. 

All classrooms in use will have updated maximum room capacity based on the square footage of the space, with appropriate square feet per person based on the current CDC guidelines. Classroom facilities are thoroughly cleaned and include signage showing where students can sit based on social distancing guidelines.

example classroom showing proper distancing seating arrangements
Example Classroom Capacity