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Child Welfare Training Program

The University of West Florida Department of Continuing Education has been proud to operate the Child Welfare Training Program since July 2006. This program trains Child Protection Professionals to recognize indicators of abuse, abandonment and neglect within families, and provide services to create safe environments for children.

Community service providers send their employees to this program for training to become Certified Child Welfare Professionals. More than 1,000 counselors and investigators have been certified by this program since its inception and the number continues to grow. 

The program consists of two phases and there are five 9-week cycles per year. Phase One includes classroom and online instruction, structured field activities and the final exam needed to continue onto Phase Two. Phase Two consists of a series of individual supervision and group training hours.

The Child Welfare Training Program is proud to do its part in helping families in our community grow stronger and providing children with a safe and nurturing environment.

For more information, please contact Program Coordinator Gary Holloway at