Minor in Psychology

Psychology is relevant to many other disciplines and students majoring in other areas find it beneficial to earn a minor in psychology while working toward their baccalaureate degree.

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12 Credit Hour Minor in Psychology

The 12 semester hour Minor in Psychology consists of the following or their equivalent. No directed studies may be taken to fulfill the requirements for the minor. Students minoring in psychology must complete the Application for Completion of a Minor

Please Note:

  • PSY 2012 or a general/introductory psychology course is a prerequisite.
  • A minimum of 9 sh must be completed at UWF.

Minor Requirements:

Choose One (3 Hrs)

  • CLP 3144 Abnormal Psychology
  • PPE 4003 Theories of Personality

Choose One (3 Hrs)

  • INP 3004 Industrial Psychology
  • SOP 3004 Social Psychology

Choose One (3 Hrs)

  • EXP 4404 Psychology of Learning
  • PSB 4003 Brain, Behavior & Experience

Required (3 Hrs)

  • Any 3000/4000 Level Psychology Elective

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