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Important Documents

Intent to Pursue (PDF)

Honor Code Statement (PDF)

Completion Checklist (PDF)




  1. Please complete the Intent to Pursue Form to indicate your intent to pursue the Certificate in Health Informatics, attaching your resume/CVand an additional Letter of Intent to Pursue as indicated if you are missing any prerequisite requirements. This information is used to ensure you have the background to begin the program and to monitor your progress towards program completion.
  2. When you receive confirmation of acceptance into the Certificate in Health Informatics program, please read, sign, and submit the Certificate Honor Code Form to You may attach a scanned copy of this form with your written signature, or you may cut/paste the content of the honor code into an email and sign by typing your name at the bottom of the email.
  3. Additionally, submit a  to the Registrar's Office.
  4. Next, AFTER receiving a response to your application and ONLY upon acceptance into our Certificate program, you need to apply to be accepted at UWF to register for approved courses. Follow these steps to accomplish being accepted at UWF:
    1. First, complete ONE of the following UWF applications to enroll at UWF as ONE of these categories: degree-seeking student (taking the Certificate courses towards a degree program), non-degree seeking student (just enrolling at UWF for the Certificate), or continuing education student (taking the Certificate courses without earning an academic transcript). Access the applications online at the following websites or contact the primary contact person provided below:
      • Degree Seeking Student - This form is for students who are additionally applying to an official graduate program at UWF and are seeking the Certificate in Health Informatics as part of or in addition to this degree. Current partnership programs and contact information for academic advisors for these programs are described on our Beyond the Health Informatics Certificate Program page. Special restrictions apply to each partnership program, so be sure to consult with the advisors listed if your goal is to be a degree-seeking student in one of these programs. If you are interested in any of the listed graduate programs, please be sure to consult with your graduate program's academic advisor regarding minimum scores needed for the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) or possible equivalent admissions tests such as the GMAT or MAT.
      • Non-degree seeking student - This form is for students just enrolling at UWF for the Certificate in Health Informatics at this time. The GRE admissions test is not required for non-degree seeking students.
      • Continuing education student (enrolling for non-academic credit)- This status is reserved for those taking the Certificate in Medical Informatics courses without earning an academic transcript from UWF (instead a Certificate of Completion will be awarded). For this category, please contact the Division of Continuing and Distance Education at (850) 473-7468 or for application information. The GRE admissions test is not required for continuing education students.

    2. If you are not sure whether you should enroll as a non-degree seeking, degree-seeking, or continuing education student, review our Frequently Asked Questions for answers to some common questions or email us at with specific questions.

    3. With the steps above completed, you become an official student at UWF. If you are a degree-seeking or non-degree seeking student, you will receive a confirmation email when these steps are completed and login information for the UWF academic portal called myUWF. With this information, login to myUWF and check for holds to see if there is anything that needs to be taken care of prior to course registration.
      • If an Immunization Hold has been placed on your account, contact our Health Center for assistance, stating you are pursuing a completely online program at UWF. You can reach them at or at (850) 474-2172.

    4. Alternatively, if you are a continuing education student, you will next be contacted by The Division of Continuing Education with additional steps to be completed as part of that process. Continuing education students will not receive access to Lighthouse as part of this process.

    5. Financial Aid questions can be addressed to the Financial Aid office by emailing or calling (850) 474-2400. Application process can be found at their website: and then clicking on the Application Process link and then choosing the correct catalog year. General information can be found at their website: Non-degree seeking and continuing education students are not eligible for financial aid.

    6. Next, print out the Completion Checklist form, located in the Important Links box above. Fill in the information at the top of the form, and use this form to keep track of your progress in the Certificate program. You must also file a  form. This form should be submitted to the Office of the Registrar no later than the last day of the drop/add for the semester in which you plan to complete all requirements for the certificate.

    7. Congratulations! With these steps completed and any Lighthouse-posted holds lifted, you are now ready to begin the course registration process. Proceed to our First Steps After Admission page for this process.

If you have questions related to any of the steps above, email us at Please include your name in the subject line to expedite updating of your status in the application process.

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