The College of Business makes available to students, faculty and staff several facilities for their use during their tenure at the University of West Florida.

College Resources
  • College of Business Education Center
    The College of Business Education Center is open to all students Monday - Friday from 8 AM until 10 PM.  There are several open areas for students to gather to study: the Atrium, the Planar Matrix, the 1st Floor Study Room, and the 2nd Floor Study Room.  There are three Knowledge Boards located on the first and second floors.  Each Knowledge Board is a 70" touch screen connected to a PC running the same software available in the Policy and MIS Labs.  Students are free to use these boards to study and work in groups.

  • Oral Communication Lab
    The College of Business, with the collaboration of the Department of Communication, has created the College of Business Oral Communication lab in Building 76A. The lab takes appointments throughout the semester for College of Business and SPC 2608 students to practice presentations and speeches, prior to the student being graded in their given class. The students are critiqued by a graduate assistant using the rubrics that are used in their given class. 
  • COB Policy Lab
    The College of Business Policy Lab is located in Building 76A, Room 232. The purpose of this lab is to provide students with a quiet work area in which they can either meet with group members to work on Capstone simulations, or study alone. While preference is given to College of Business students, the Policy Lab is open to all UWF students, when seats are available. Specialized software available in the Policy Lab includes SPSS, Research Insight, Visual Studio, R, and Alice. Hours of operation are Monday thru Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM, except when otherwise posted.
  • COB Computer Classrooms
    The College of Business Computer Classrooms are located in Building 76, Rooms 119 and 127. The purpose of these labs are to provide instructors and students a specialized computer classroom environment in which to conduct business classes. These labs are closed to general use and only available for use by College of Business classes as scheduled. Specialized software available in the COB Computer Classrooms includes SPSS, Research Insight, Visual Studio, R, and Alice.
  • Writing Lab at the College of Business
    Located in the College of Business Education Center, Building 76A/227. Hours vary each semester. For additional information or to make an appointment please contact 850-474-3442.
  • Career Services on the Go!
    Visit Career Services in the College of Business Education Center, Building 76A/218, to receive assistance with your career-related needs. Bring your resume or cover letter for drop-ins or schedule an appointment for a mock interview or to discuss job search strategies. For additional information or to make an appointment please contact Katina Hoffman 850-474-3239 khoffman@uwf.edu.
  • Compustat Database
    The College of Business provides access to the Compustat database for all faculty, staff, and currently enrolled students at UWF. The software may be accessed in the SAIL Lab, COB Capstone Lab, COB Computer Classroom, Tax & Accounting Library, and via eDesktop. Access to eDesktop can be gained via MyUWF, UWF's online portal. An active UWF faculty, staff, or student account is required to login to MyUWF.
Departmental Resources
  • Accounting and Finance Tutor
    The Department of Accounting and Finance provides a tutor for our key introductory courses: ACG 2021, ACG 2071, ACG 3082, and FIN 3403. The tutor is located in Building 76, Room 221D. Please call 850-474-2719 to schedule a session.
  • Tax & Accounting Library
    The Tax & Accounting Library is located in Building 76, Room 207A. This lab is a place where Accounting & Finance students can study, meet in groups to work on Accounting & Finance related projects, and receive tutoring. Specialized software made available in the Tax & Accounting Library includes SAS, SPSS, Visual Studio, Research Insight, and Quickbooks. Hours of Operation are Monday thru Friday 8 AM to 5 PM, unless otherwise posted.
  • Beta Alpha Psi Tutoring
    Tutoring in various Accounting & Finance classes is made available to all students by members of Beta Alpha Psi. Please visit the Beta Alpha Psi tutoring web site to view the tutoring schedule.
  • MIS Lab
    This lab is available after hours, but only to current MIS students.  Specialized software available in the MIS Lab includes Visible Analyst, Visual Studio 2012, SQL Command Line Tools, and Alice.  Students must see Tammy Keely in the Department of Management and Management Information Systems for access after hours.