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Dr. Marian Schultz

  • Position:  Professor - 4/464
  • Department:  Management and MIS
  • Office Location:  FWB - Building 4, Room 464
  • Campus: 8503146905


Dr. Marian Schultz, a Professor of Management/MIS, has published over 100 peer-reviewed papers on numerous subjects.

Recent research examined “Career Management of Fire Service Personnel” (Journal of American Academy of Business) and women in a traditionally male field – “Does the Fire Station have a Glass Ceiling? Perceptions of Female Firefighters.” (Journal of American Business Review).

Schultz has compared grades in online and traditional courses, the perceptions of students and faculty, and the value of academic group work. She researched  “The Effects of Chronological Age on Management and Business Administration Student Performance in Online/Distance Learning Courses,” published in The Business Review Cambridge.

She has researched aviation issues – financial management of military pilot training; voice recognition in the cockpit of fighter aircraft; and aspects of financially troubled airlines. Her “Power Circle” exercise has been included in the last five editions of the Schermerhorn Organizational Behavior textbook.

Schultz is active in the Fort Walton Beach community, providing volunteer and service for military and civilian organizations. She received the College of Business Outstanding Faculty Member Award in 2014.

Schultz holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Detroit, a Master’s degree from Pepperdine University, and a Doctorate from the University of Southern California. She joined the UWF faculty in 1989.