Dr. Esmail Mohebbi


Dr. Esmail Mohebbi is a Professor of Management and Management Information Systems at UWF’s College of Business, where he teaches courses in operations management and e-Business systems. 

He received his master’s and doctoral degrees in Industrial Engineering (Operations Research) from the University of Toronto.

His research interests fall within the realm of mathematical modeling and quantitative analysis of problems related to supply chain management and operations management of logistics systems.

Within this broad theme, Mohebbi’s particular interests are reflected in his on-going work on developing inventory control models that account for the possibility of random interruptions in the supply process as well as modeling production-inventory systems that are subject to randomly changing environmental conditions.

He has studied planning issues such as component commonality, demand and lead-time variability, capacity constraints, and conflicting objectives in logistics systems.

His findings have appeared in such publications as European Journal of Operational Research, International Journal of Production Economics, Naval Research Logistics, and Operations Research Letters.

Mohebbi is a member of the Decision Sciences Institute, the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences, and the Institute of Industrial Engineers.