Insights into Management

During the 3rd stage of the program, students get their hands on real hotel management dynamics. Get to manage your department and the area of your interest, and a team, and practice your leadership skills together everything else you have learned so far. Manage a simulated-hotel in class, and follow a real manager, during your industry practicum experience.

Management Dynamics

Phase 5

Students dive into hands-on management of a simulated hotel as if they were doing so in real life. They will have to meet milestones, goals and targets, and they will manage and operate their business units and departments successfully, and up to General Management’s expectations. They will present their department’s results and deal with possible complications that may arise along the way, continuing to lead their teams as they have been doing.

Managing a hotel is an art and a science. Managers and departmental supervisors must master many different skills, that allow them to successfully operate their business units profitably, efficiently and up to the quality standards in place. They also manage people, sometimes large teams, and ultimate deal with the guests, their emotions, demands and expectations. A manager must also elaborate various business reports, attend different management meetings and interact with the guest directly. The higher in the Management Hierarchy, the larger the scope of your responsibility and also your influence in most of the processes and operations.

Some Materials

+ Hotel Management dynamics
+ Revenue and Sales Forecasting
+ Operations Meetings
+ Management Meetings
+ Quality and Service Meetings
+ Real Management Cases