Cross-Functional Training

Time for you to go through company cross-training. Experience the different areas and departments within the company you are completing your practicum, while taking on a Hotel Opening Experience in class. Experience the exciting moment when a hotel prepares to open its doors for the first time, and participate in the different processes that take place.

Resort Opening

Phase 4

Students get involved in the planing all the necessary aspects and elements, and procedures and workflows, for a resort opening to take place. This is a very important step in every hotel's launch process and must be carried out smoothly and flawlessly. Most of the time, an 'Opening Task Team' will be sent from Corporate Office, involving experienced staff and managers from other hotels within the brand, to carry out the operations rollout and launch for all areas and departments involved. You will be an important part of a similar task team, and will participate in the simulated dynamics that it involves.

The opening of any hotel is the culmination step. All the different aspects worked on and carefully designed and implemented in earlier stages, now fall into place and begin operating. Every single procedure and process, blueprinted for every service offered, must be set and ready. The staff begins to join the final team, following HR's Staffing plan, and Marketing is already running their campaigns, and negotiating with the different intermediaries and distribution channels for future sales. Furniture, Fixtures and other assets have been received and are in place, as well as any other Operating Supplies and Equipment. At the end of this phase, the hotel will open its doors, receiving the first guests as it was innitially planned.

Some Materials

+ Distribution and Sales Channels
+ OTAs and Intermediaries
+ Sales and Revenue Forecasting
+ Online Review Systems
+ NPS and Key Indicators
+ Marketing Roll Out