A career helping others

Kaycee Flora

We talk to Kaycee Florda -a former GHTM student who has began her career in hospitality- and developed a passion for helping others during her internship with a well known non-profit organization, as GHTM student. Now, she serves the community as a Volunteer Coordinator in Ronald MacDonal House of Charities of Central Florida.
[GHTM] What was your first position upon graduation?

[Kaycee] Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Florida. It was a Volunteer Coordinator position.


[GHTM] Who do you work for now and what is your current position?

[Kaycee] I continue to work with Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Florida as Volunteer Coordinator.


[GHTM] How did you decide to do what you’re doing now and what helped you along the way?

[Kaycee] I was inspired to work in non-profits during my internship with the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Northwest Florida when I was a GHTM student at UWF. The staff at Ronald McDonald House Charities helped me grow as student and as a working professional.


[GHTM] What do you enjoy most about your current job?

[Kaycee] I enjoy working with our families and volunteers! I love creating the best experience for them during their time at the House.


[GHTM] What was the most beneficial thing you gained from your experience in the GHTM program?

[Kaycee] The GHTM program fostered an environment of hands on learning, which helped me implement everything I learned in the classroom. Having those experiences prepared me for the real life circumstances that happen every day in the hospitality industry.


[GHTM] How did the GHTM program prepare you for your current position?

[Kaycee] Through the variety of courses, team work in the classroom, and professors who encouraged us to learn about every type of job in the hospitality industry.  


[GHTM] What are some challenges that you face every day?

[Kaycee] Helping to create the best possible experience during the family's stays can come with challenges. The key is to always put the family or guest first, and listen when they have a concern.


[GHTM] What advice would you give to current GHTM students?

[Kaycee] Learn about all areas of hospitality, stay open minded, and take internships!