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Global Hospitality and Tourism Management

The Global Hospitality and Tourism Management (GH&TM) program offers a learning environment where students are challenged and encouraged to pursue unique, individual career goals in the hospitality and tourism industry while attaining the foundation necessary to be successful in the workplace.

Hear why faculty members of the Global Hospitality and Tourism Management Department love hospitality.

What can we learn now? Hear from GH&TM faculty and partners in our high impact practice (HIP) program, Shoulder to Shoulder, HIP to HIP.

Are some companies that have chosen to prioritize the viability of their businesses, over the protection of their employees, deemed insensitive because they too are trying to prevent themselves from being unemployed?  

Working from home, going online, and staying connected during the Spring of 2020.

Community, Coming Together: The Business of Hospitality

In an effort to address the rapidly changing local hospitality/tourism environment, hospitality leaders gathered weekly to discuss the current and future impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in our community. Watch the discussion.

GH&TM Student Feedback Request

Please share your thoughts, questions, and concerns during this unprecedented time.

Welcome to the Department of Global Hospitality and Tourism Management, housed within the College of Business at the University of West Florida. We fulfill the needs of the local hospitality and tourism industry by creating an all-immersive, well-rounded educational experience guided by experienced faculty. 

Our mission is to develop students to become innovative hospitality leaders by providing industry-focused education, hands-on experiences, and career pathways to success.

Our programs support one of the region’s leading economic drivers – tourism. Students can specialize their hospitality education by pursuing a Bachelor of Science with the Julian & Kim MacQueen Guest Experience Management*, or Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with the Revenue Management and Predictive Analytics. Our department offers unparalleled experiential learning opportunities for students to succeed in today’s marketplace; serving as an event and program hub for industry professionals; and conducting research helping us improve the ways we do business in hospitality and tourism.

Please contact our GH&TM office at (850) 474-2774 if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. We encourage participatory feedback and welcome your inquiries. 

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*not AACSB accredited

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