Dr. Sherwood Lane Lambert

  • Position:  Associate Professor
  • Department:  Accounting and Finance
  • Office Location:  Bldg 76 Room 232
  • Campus: 8504742993


Dr. Sherwood Lane Lambert is an Associate Professor of Accounting with many years experience working in the private sector before joining UWF’s faculty.

Lambert’s research includes Accounting System Education, Accounting Information System, Financial Accounting and Reporting, and Financial Analysis.

His most recent work covers several topics:
•“Assessing the Impact of XBRL on the Coverage, Timeliness and Accuracy of Security Analysts’ Estimates of Next-Year EPS.” (Received the "Best Paper" Award at the 2016 American Accounting Association (AAA) Southeast Regional Conference)

•“A Wrench in the COGS: An Analysis of the Differences between Cost of Goods Sold as Reported in Compustat and on the Financial Statements” published in Accounting Horizons

•“Relevance of Goodwill Impairments to Cash Flow Prediction and Forecasting” published in Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance

•“Assembly FG: An Education Case Study Using QuickBooks as the AIS for a Small Manufacturing Business” accepted for publication in AIS Educators Journal

•“Merchandise Hardware: A Case Designed to Teach Students Generalized Audit Software Using Microsoft Access” accepted for publication in AIS Educators Journal

•“Assembly FG: An Education Case on MRP II Integrated within ERP”

•“International AC: An Education Case on Continuous Monitoring SQL Server Data with ODBC-Linked Tables in Microsoft Access.”

He also has made peer-reviewed presentations to several professional groups.

Lambert received his Ph.D. in Accounting at the University of Texas in Arlington in 2011.

Prior to that, Lambert, a CPA with a background in information systems, worked for several firms. At Deloitte & Touche he was a senior manager; at Lockheed-Martin he led a financial interface team that developed and implemented a new Manufacturing Requirements Planning system.