Dr. Richard L. Constand


Richard L. Constand, who holds a Ph.D. in Finance, teaches numerous courses examining financial markets, problems in corporate finance, business and public policy and business analytics.

Constand, a Professor, has been called as an expert witness in numerous legal cases. His research ranges widely, with much focus on Japanese companies – their use of trade credit, compensation systems, portfolio behavior and corporate ownership and governance. He also has examined models that predict a company’s success or failure, the link between technological infrastructure and entrepreneurial activity, and the performance of closed-end equity mutual funds.

Constand and co-author R. Daniel Pace won the Best Research Paper award from the Financial Education Association in 2012 for a paper entitled, “Student Evaluations of Finance Faculty: Perceived Difficulty Means Lower Faculty Evaluations.”

Constand received his B.A., MBA and Ph.D. from Florida State University and spent 12 years at the University of Hawaii, where he became a full professor before joining UWF in 2000. 

He has been published in The Journal of Entrepreneurial Finance, Journal of Multinational Financial Management, Review of Pacific Basin Financial Markets and Policies, and other publications.