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For academic requirements, see Article I, Section IV for the chapter Bylaws.

General requirements are as follows:

  1. The student must either be an undergraduate major in Accounting or Finance or a graduate student (MACC or MBA with a stated interest in Accounting or Finance).
  2. To qualify as a candidate and be initiated as a member, the student must have an overall UWF GPA of at least 3.0 and a major GPA of at least 3.0. For accounting students, the major GPA includes grades in all 3000+ level ACG and TAX class (excludes grades in ACG 2021/2071); for Finance majors, all FIN 3000+ level courses are included in the Finance major GPA.
  3. To qualify as a candidate seeking membership, accounting undergraduates must have completed or be currently enrolled in ACG 3101. Finance students must have completed FIN 3403 and must have completed or be currently enrolled in one other upper level FIN course.
  4. New candidates must have at least 2 semesters remaining prior to graduation to be active in BAP with at least one semester as a candidate and at least one semester as a member. (Summer semesters are excluded as the chapter is not active in the summer.) Students in their last semester at UWF cannot qualify for candidacy or membership.
  5. Candidates and members must provide tutoring for accounting students of one hour per week during the semester in the department library in Building 76 and participate in one chapter service event each semester.
  6. Candidates and members must attend weekly chapter meetings.
  7. Once a student qualifies and participates as a candidate for at least one semester. Assuming that the student has continued to meet all GPA requirements and participated in chapter meetings and service activities, then the student can be initiated as a member at the beginning of the following semester. If the student participated as a candidate for one semester but did not meet the GPA requirements that semester after grades post, the student can continue to be active as a candidate with the hope of qualifying for membership after an additional semester as a candidate.
  8. Any student majoring in accounting or finance that does not qualify academically can still participate in the chapter as an "associate" member and attend the chapter weekly meetings and other events. Associate members are charged a nominal fee to cover refreshments for meetings.

For additional information, contact the chapter President at