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Mission, Vision, Values

The College of Business prepares students for successful careers in business and society and contributes to the advancement of the educational and economic development of Northwest Florida.


The College of Business prepares students for successful careers in business and society through high-impact, student-focused educational experiences with face-to-face and online delivery. We conduct relevant and innovative research that contributes to business practice, enhanced educational opportunities, and business theory. We engage in value-added practices to serve the business and academic communities. 


The College of Business at the University of West Florida aspires to be widely recognized for innovation and excellence in business education, the development and dissemination of knowledge, and partnerships with the business community.

Core Values/Guiding Principles

Successful students of business and management education acquire the knowledge and skills that enhance and enrich their lives and enable them to make meaningful contributions to their organizations. In turn, organizations that are successful in meeting their goals and fulfilling their purposes become enormous assets to societies, fostering greater productivity and a more desirable quality of life.

Complementing the University’s core values, the College believes its programs, activities, and services should exemplify the following characteristics:


  • Excellent teaching that promotes student/faculty interactions, engages students in learning, and provides students with the knowledge and skills for successful careers.
  • An academically prepared and professionally experienced faculty dedicated to teaching and the development of students.
  • Relevant business curriculum focusing on critical thinking, communication, integrity/ethics, and project management, with a general business core and discipline-specific knowledge and skills.


  • Scholarship that enriches teaching and enhances relevance and currency of faculty.
  • Scholarship that advances business knowledge, practices, and instruction.


  • Service to business, professional, and community organizations that complements the mission of the college and leverages the expertise of the faculty.
  • Contribution to the economic development of the region through business-related education and research.
  • Participation in department, college, and university shared governance.

Educational and Work Environment

  • Learning and work environments for students, faculty, and staff that foster communication, critical thinking, ethical behavior, team building, respect for diversity, and global awareness.

Strategic Priorities

These strategic directions reflect the values that guide us as we choose how to carry out our mission:

Strategic Directions
Strategic Direction 1:Student-Focused Learning and Development
COB Strategic Priority 1.1 Foster student learning and development to include the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that optimize students' prospects for personal and professional success.
COB Strategic Priority 1.2 Facilitate students' access to and choice of College's bachelor's and master's degree programs
COB Strategic Priority 1.3 Enhance student learning through assessment of student learning outcomes and a continuous process of curricular and instructional review.
Strategic Direction 2:Distinctive Teaching, Scholarship, Research, and Professional Contributions
COB Strategic Priority 2.1  Ensure that faculty maintain appropriate academic and professional qualifications in order to fulfill effectively their high-quality teaching, research, service, and professional engagement responsibilities.
COB Strategic Priority 2.2 

Recruit, reward, support, retain, and recognize our high-quality faculty, who are essential to advancing the mission, vision, and values of the College.

COB Strategic Priority2.3  Enhance the College's intellectual contributions portolio including discipline-based, practice-based, and pedagogical scholarship that align with the College's mission, vision, and strengths.
Strategic Direction 3: Community Engagement and Service
COB Strategic Priority 3.1 

Reward faculty and staff participation and leadership in internal and external service and professional engagement activities that enhance the missions of the College and University.

COB Strategic Priority 3.2  Advance the economy and quality of life in the region through partnerships with the citizens, businesses, organizations, and communities the College serves.
Strategic Direction 4: Sustainable Institutional Excellence
COB Strategic Priority 4.1  Ensure that resources are sufficient to foster the College's vision and mission and enhance the quality and scope of the College.
COB Strategic Priority 4.2  Recruit, reward, develop, retain, and recognize our staff members, who are essential to advancing the mission, vision, and values of the College. 
COB Strategic Priority 4.3  Enhance the reputation of the College of Business for quality through accreditation and other recognitions.
COB Strategic Priority 4.4  Acquire, develop and maintain leading edge technology to support the mission of the College.