Accessibility Support

AXIS is committed to providing faculty with the resources and assistance needed to meet web accessibility guidelines.

Accessibility Rubric

AXIS has developed a rubric for the accessibility review process. The information comes from various sources on web accessibility and ADA conformance. We have provided some commonly used guidelines from our rubric for faculty to complete a quick check for web accessibility, see below. Please feel free to contact our office at or 850-474-3120 for further assistance or guidance.

Accessibility Checkers

Text (Documents & Course Pages)

  • Headings use ‘Styles’ and are informative.
  • Readable fonts with only one or only a few font faces are used (e.g., Arial, Comic Sans, Georgia, Times New Roman, or Verdana).
  • Text and images of text have at least a contrast ratio of 4.5:1. Large text has at least a contrast ratio of at least 3:1. We recommend using WebAIM’s Color Contrast Checker.


  • All tables have a header and scope assigned.
  • Table headers use 'Styles' to convey meaning instead of just color.
  • All tables have a title or descriptive caption.
  • Tables in Word and PowerPoint files contain alternative text.


  • Hyperlinks must have a 3:1 contrast ratio from the surrounding non-link text.
  • Hyperlinks use descriptive text for display such as "How to Access Course Content," instead of "Click Here" or "Learn More."
    • Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-K (PC) or Command-K (Mac) to edit the hyperlink.
    • Note: Short URLs like a homepage are okay to use (e.g.,
  • Hyperlinks to non-HTML resources, such as PDF files, PowerPoint files, and Word files, have the file type presented inside the link.
    • Example: Course Syllabus (PDF)

Images, Audio, and Videos

  • All images have alternative text or accessible versions.
  • Each audio file has a descriptive text transcript file. Text should match words spoken in audio exactly, no errors. 
  • Every video has a descriptive text transcript file and synchronized captions. Text should match words spoken in the video exactly, no errors. We encourage you to use Amara to make online videos accessible.


  • All page functionality is available using the keyboard (i.e., you can tab through the page).
  • Numbered or bulleted lists use list markup.
  • Students have been provided with information on how to access assistive technologies.
    • Example of a statement: Please be advised the instructor cannot control the accessibility of external websites, PDFs, videos, or publisher materials. If you have a disability that impacts your full participation in this course, please contact the Student Accessibility Resources at 850-474-2387 or by email,