Professional Education Minor

The following minor is offered by the UWF Department of Teacher Education and Educational Leadership. For more details, please see your academic advisor.

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Program Description

The Professional Education Minor is designed for content majors to complete the requirements for a temporary certification in Florida. Coursework meets the requirement of the Professional Training Option (PTO) and is consistent with the program requirements of Florida Department of Education.

Three-year Nonrenewable State of Florida Temporary Certification Pathway

  • Complete a bachelor’s degree with a minor in Education
  • Pass the Florida Teacher Certification Examinations (FTCE): General Knowledge Test (GK), Professional Education Test (PEd), Subject Area Examination (SAE) -
  • Apply for Temporary Certification through FLDOE -

Moving from Temporary to Professional Certification

The State of Florida Department of Education determines the requirements for converting a Three-year Nonrenewable State of Florida Temporary Certification to a Renewable Professional Certification to teach in the State of Florida as:

  • Complete an approved Florida Professional Training Option for Content Majors (UWF Education Minor)
  • Pass the FTCE exams listed above
  • Teach successfully for one year
  • Complete a district-approved competence demonstration program for first-year teachers

For more specific requirements, visit the Online UWF Catalog.

Career Opportunities

  • Teaching opportunities: Public, Private, Virtual, and Overseas Schools
  • Corporate Training
  • Private and Non-profit Management
  • Docents at Historical Sites, Parks, or Museums
  • Outdoor Education Instructor
  • Volunteer Organizations
  • Education Publishing
  • Education Software


Department Contact

Teacher Education and Educational Leadership
University of West Florida
Building 85, Room 196
Pensacola, FL 32514

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