Teacher Education Program Admission Requirements

Once a student is admitted to UWF, there are separate admissions requirements for the Department of Teacher Education and Educational Leadership (TEEL).


Students may declare an education major in one of the initial certification degree programs (Elementary Education, ESE/Elementary Education, and UWF-Teach STEM majors) after completing the following additional requirements:

1. Meet with a CEPS academic advisor.

2. Complete an Admission to Teacher Education to TEEL (Submit the application through TK20).

3. Complete the Dispositions Self-Assessment Survey (i.e., Professional Education Applicant Self-Rating Scale) through TK20. This is part of the Application for Admission form.

4. Read the TEEL Orientation Handbook (and provide the required attestation) or attend a face to face orientation.

5. Take and pass all areas (English Language Skills, Reading, Math, and Essay) of the FTCE General Knowledge Test (GK).

6. Have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.50 in all previously attempted college coursework.

7. Sign a degree plan.

8. Sign the Advising Checklist.

9. Successfully complete the education course prerequisite: EDF1005. UWF-Teach STEM majors should complete EDG2041 instead.

10. Successfully complete an A.A. degree and/or all lower level coursework.

Per state law, students will not be allowed to move forward in a certification track and take program courses if EDF 1005 and all four sections of the General Knowledge exam are not passed. Additionally, per University standards, students will not be permitted to take TEEL program courses without having a GPA of a 2.50 or higher.

Academic Advisor for last names A-K

Susan Martin, M.A.
Teacher Education and Educational Leadership Liaison
Office: Building 86, Room 112E


Academic Advisor for last names L-Z

Jennifer Griffin, M.S.Ed.
Teacher Education and Educational Leadership Liaison
Office: Building 86, Room 112D