ISS - Informal Education and Learning, B.A.

The Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Informal Education and Learning program is an online degree program preparing students to plan and deliver flexible educational programs for children, youth, and adults in informal and community-based education settings.

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Program Description

The Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Informal Education and Learning program provides a broad view of issues related to the life-long-learner and various informal education settings. The Informal Education and Learning specialization provides students with a framework to address theories related to the life-long-learner, issues surrounding informal education and learning, curriculum used in informal education settings.

Students will be engaged in and develop their own knowledge of high-impact practices for facilitating the life-long learning of diverse children, youth, and adults in informal environments. Some of these informal environments include museums, environmental education centers, adult education centers, summer camps, and afterschool programs. Students furthermore will learn to apply Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles in designing informal environments and educational programming to ensure accessibility to learners of all ages with diverse needs.

Career Opportunities

  • Afterschool Coordinator
  • Museum Education Coordinator
  • Outdoor Education Coordinator
  • Environmental Education Coordinator
  • Adult Education Coordinator
  • Parks and Recreation Program Specialist
  • Parent Education
  • Preschool Teacher

Department Contact

Dr. Karen Evans
University of West Florida
Building 85, Room 178
Pensacola, FL 32514
(850) 474-2810

Catalog Description
Department's Website

High-Impact Practices

The following high-impact practices are embedded throughout the Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Informal Education and Learning degree program.

Students will participate in collaborative learning experiences and activities as they develop their knowledge of informal education and learning generally, and in particular, Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles.

Service Learning
Students will engage in service learning in an informal and community-based setting of their selection.

Field Instruction
Students will engage in experiential learning in both formal and informal settings towards developing an awareness and appreciation of the unique features of each context.

Students will explore diversity in the cultures, languages, and needs of participants in informal and community-based settings.


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