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Apprenticeship Teaching


Apprenticeship teaching is the capstone experience for teacher candidates in the secondary UWF-Teach STEM degrees. During the semester-long experience, teacher candidates gradually assume full teaching responsibilities in a classroom with the guidance and support of an experienced teacher. They demonstrate that they can effectively provide diverse middle and high school students with rigorous standards-based instruction, and are prepared for their first teaching position. During the time a teacher candidate is engaged in apprenticeship teaching, any outside employment or additional academic work is discouraged.


  • Complete all program coursework with a grade of C- or higher
  • Minimum program GPA of 2.5
  • Complete an application in Exxat or other requisite data management system as outlined by the department within the application window
    • Fall – Application window is March 1st to May 1st 
    • Spring – Application window is August 1st to October 1st
  • Passed all required FTCE Certification Tests by the close of the application window (May 1st for Fall, or October 1st for Spring)
    • Professional Education exam (PED)
    • Subject Area Exam (SAE) in Biology 6-12, Environmental Science 6-12, Chemistry 6-12,
      Physics 6-12, OR Mathematics 6-12

Fingerprinting and Background Checks

To comply with the Jessica Lunsford Act, all students completing a field experience in the State of Florida must be fingerprinted and complete a background check. Students should refer to their local school district website for procedures and costs for fingerprinting and background checks when they complete their application in the data management system. Students will not be allowed entry into a school without first completing the fingerprinting and background checks required by that district.


View the  TEEL Guide 2021 - 2022 to Field Experience, Secondary Practicum, Student Teaching and Apprenticeship Teaching (PDF)