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Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistant positions are available to graduate students for the academic year (fall/spring/summer).

Application and Assignment Process

Graduate Research Assistants (GRAs) will be assigned to work with a faculty member to assist with course preparation, grading and research. Assignments will be made based on availability of funding. Attempts will be made to match students to faculty member’s area of specialty. GRAs will conduct research to meet the CEPS Colloquium requirement. 

  • Graduate Research Assistant - $10.25/hr. – Up to 15 hrs/wk for Masters level students, up to 20 hrs/wk for doctoral students.  

Students will also receive a Graduate Assistant Matriculation Fee Waiver of 6.0 credit hours each. This does not cover the university fees. The waiver is based on the current graduate tuition rate per graduate credit hour for the semester during which the student is a graduate assistant working a minimum of 10 hours per week. All GRAs are hourly and must submit timesheets.

To qualify as a Graduate Research Assistant, students must be fully admitted to one of the Department of Teacher Education and Educational Leadership’s graduate programs and registered for at least 6 semester hours of graduate course work.

How to Apply

  1. Complete the Graduate Assistantship Application
  2. Attach resume
  3. Return to the Department of Teacher Education and Educational Leadership


Office Administrator for the School of Education
Bldg. 85, Room 196
Phone: 850.474.2893
Fax: 850.474.2844