Welcome from the Chair

Welcome to the Department of Educational Research and Administration. The mission of the Department is to educate and train community and educational leaders using the most advanced theoretical, managerial, and technological knowledge, skills, and abilities available. Toward this goal, the Department is synergistic, providing training for a wide range and variety of professional careers.


In support of this mission, department faculty and staff provide for the development of regional, community and educational partnerships that assist and benefit students. In order to accomplish these goals, we offer the Master's degree in College Student Affairs, the Specialist degree in Curriculum Studies and General Studies and the Ed.D. in Curriculum Studies, Diversity Studies, Administrative Studies and Science and Social Sciences.

I hope that your visit to our web page will be informative and that you enjoy getting to know our faculty and learning about our degree programs and course offerings.

Dr. Francis Godwyll
Chair, Department of Educational Research and Administration