Public Administration Minor

The following minor is offered by the UWF Department of Administration and Law. For more details, please see your academic advisor.

Public Administration image


 Course Number Course NameSemester Hours 
 PAD 3003 Public Administration in American Society  3
 PUP 4004 Public Policy   3
Choose two of the following:    6
 CCJ 3450 Criminal Justice Management and Organization  
 CJE 4110 Policing  
 CJE 3510 Courts  
 COM 4120 Organizational Communication  
 GEO 3421 Cultural Geography   

 INP 3313

   or MAN 3240

Organizational Behavior

Behavior in Organizations 

 MAN 4102 Management of Diversity   
 PHI 3670 Ethics   
 PLA 3020 Law and Society   
 POS 3424 The Legislative Process   
 SOW 4232 Introductory Analysis of Social Service Policy   
Total Hours   12 

These requirements are subject to change. For more information please visit the undergraduate catalog

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