Sport Management, B.S.

Sport management is an area of expertise that caters to the successful operations in a variety of sport organizations including, but not limited to, professional sport organizations, intercollegiate athletics, community sports, recreational sports, sport facilities and event management, national and international amateur sport organizations, sport and the law, sport media and communication, and sport marketing.

Program Description

The Sport Management program at UWF prepares students for the delivery and management of sport as leaders and administrators and for future studies in graduate school. Students will serve in an internship of their choice, giving them real-world experiences in professional preparation. Students may find possible positions in intercollegiate athletics, municipal parks and recreation departments, community sports programs, professional sports leagues, amateur sports organizations, and commercial sport industries such as fitness and activity centers, sports camps, and other private sports organizations.

In addition to the general studies required by the university including 9 semester hours of common prerequisites, students complete 21 semester hours of major required courses, 12 semester hours of major elective courses, 18 semester hours of major-related courses, and 9 semester hours of practicum. Practicum is planned with a career seminar (3 sh), an internship (3 sh), and a senior capstone (3 sh). The major required courses offer a comprehensive program of study in sport management, including Introduction to Contemporary Sport Management, Sport Facility and Event Management, Organizational Management and Leadership in Sport, Sport Marketing, Economic Issues in Sport, Principles and Issues in Sport Finance, and Sport Law and Risk Management. Major electives include, but are not limited to, Sociology of Sport, Sport Media, Sport Management Internship, and Human Resources in the Hospitality Industry.

For more specific requirements, visit the UWF Catalog.

Career Opportunities

Sport management has a wide range of professionals with many different skill sets. Students who graduate with a degree in sport management have many career options and may be employed in the following areas:

  • Collegiate Athletics in marketing, information, and administration
  • Youth sport program management
  • Management of professional sports
  • Intramural and recreational sports
  • National and international sport governing bodies

Other commercial and community sport facilities such as:

  • YMCAs
  • Health and athletic clubs
  • Country clubs and resorts
  • Sport management/marketing firms
  • Sporting goods operations
  • Sport information and media
  • Public relations organizations

Career Outlook

Although careers in sport management tend to be highly competitive, the sport industry is always open to capable, hard-working, and results-oriented professionals. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts increasing opportunity in this field, projecting that the demand for coaches and scouts will increase by 11% between 2018 and 2028. Career paths in advertising and marketing -- jobs often related to sports management -- are also projected to experience above-average levels of growth over the next several years. 



Department Contact

Dr. Charlie Song
Associate Professor and Program Coordinator
Sport Management, B.S.
Department of Administration and Law


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The practicum is a crucial part of a complete professional education in many academic fields, including Sport Management. The practical experiences and knowledge that students gain during this time may influence their future careers and lifestyles. Students will take the senior capstone course (3 sh) accompanied by a co-requisite of sport management internship with a minimum of 240 total contact hours in the field (3 sh). The capstone will generally occur during the last semester of the student's senior year. Requirements for permission to the senior capstone are as follows:

Grade of "C" or higher in all courses used to fulfill major requirements;
At least a 2.50 cumulative GPA in the major;
Completion of SPM 4003 - Sport Management Careers Seminar; and
No more than 9 sh remaining to completion of all major courses and major-related courses, excluding the 6 sh practicum.

Selected List of Internship Sites:

  • Pensacola Sports Association 
  • Local YMCA 
  • Minor League Professional Baseball (The Blue Wahoos) 
  • MLB Spring Training Camps in FL 
  • University of West Florida Athletic Department 
  • Pensacola State College Athletics 
  • Naval Air Base Fitness Center 
  • Minor League Professional Hockey (Pensacola Ice Flyers)
  • Local youth sports programs in baseball, soccer, and other sport 
  • City and county parks and recreation departments
  • Sport law firm in sport agency
  • Local tennis and golf clubs
  • University athletic departments in the United States
  • National and international sport organizations in the United States and abroad

Please note: You cannot register yourself for an internship or field experience. After your paperwork has been turned in and approved, the LPS Office will register you.


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