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CORAL Center Projects

The CORAL Center at the University of West Florida works on multiple, community-based research projects in the local region.

pink coral - CORAL Center projects


Santa Rosa County School District STEAM Program

September 2015-August 2020

  • Funding Source: Title I FDOE
  • Description: Initial year effort of conducting an observational and quasi-experimental one group evaluation study of new STEAM Program in partnership with Discovery Education
  • Location: Santa Rosa County School District, Florida
  • Partner(s): Santa Rosa County School District, Florida
  • PI: Dr. Carla Thompson, UWF
  • Total Amount: $392,000
  • CORAL Center Amount: $78,400 per year for five years


August 2011-July 2016

  • Funding Source: National Science Foundation
  • Description: Assessment Development & NSF Project Evaluation Completing Year Five of the Five Year Evaluation
  • Location: University of West Florida
  • Partner(s): UWF Department of Psychological and Behavioral Studies
  • PI: Dr. Eman El-Sheihk
  • Total Amount: $587,000
  • CORAL Center Amount: Stipend for Principal Evaluator & GA for Project

Other Current Projects

  • Homeless and Unaccompanied HS Youth: Career/College Awareness Evaluation (UWF Faculty Catalyst Grant)
  • Empirical Examination of Mental Health and Related Considerations of Veterans: A Collaborative Research Project (Hoyt Innovative Informatics Mentorship Grant)
  • Alzheimer’s Family Caregivers:  Assessment of Services and Needs (NA) 
  • Evaluation Plan for UWF Autism Center Parent Empowerment Project (NA) 
  • Assessment Validation Study for Mentoring Instrument (NA) 
  • Research Integrity and Sensitive Populations (Office of Research Integrity, Washington, DC) 
  • Research Integrity and Sensitive Populations (NA) 
  • Research on Researchers Working with Sensitive Populations (ORI Phase I: Research on Researchers)

Previous Projects

To view previous CORAL Center Projects, click on the link below.

Projects for CORAL Center (2007-2012)