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Report on Assignment of Incomplete Grade

All CEPS instructors who assign a grade of Incomplete will be required to complete a Dynamic Form that will then automatically route to the student who will acknowledge they have reviewed UWF's Incomplete Grade Policy (links below). After the student submits online, the form routes to the department chair (of the course) for review. It will then automatically file in the CEPS BDMS folder.

Please note:

  • An incomplete ("I") grade signifies that all course requirements have not been met.
  • The instructor may assign a grade of Incomplete provided the student has satisfactorily completed at least 70 percent of the course requirements and the student has a grade of at least "C-" or "S" (satisfactory) in coursework up to that point in time. Students who receive an involuntary call to active military duty should consult with their instructors.
  • The "I" becomes an "F" at the end of the next regular semester (summer excluded) unless the grade is changed by the instructor to a letter grade "A" - "F" or "S," depending on the grade mode for that particular course. Students may not graduate with an outstanding "I" grade.
  • Refer to the catalog (links below) for comprehensive detailed information.

You may access this form through MyUWF by searching for "CEPS Report on Assignment of Incomplete."

The form requires the instructor to complete:

  • Student information
  • Semester, course, and section (CRN)
  • Percentage of coursework requirements already completed
  • Grade earned at the point of assigning the Incomplete
  • Projected completion date of course requirements
  • Rationale for assignment of Incomplete grade
  • Requirements needed to complete coursework
  • Procedure for calculating final grade (should instructor of record be unavailable when coursework is complete)