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Grievance Process

Pursuant to the policies established by the University and published in the UWF Student Handbook (see Appendix A), the College of Education and Professional Studies adheres to the grievance policies available through the following links.

Student Grade Appeal Process

The Student Grade Appeal process provides students with the opportunity to contest a grade in a course.

View the Student Grade Appeal process (Policy Number AC-16.02-01/14) here.

Student Grievance Process

The Student Grievance process provides students the opportunity to bring complaints to the attention of the University. The Student Grievance process may only be used to grieve a University action or decision when there is no appeal process associate with that particular University action or decision. This process is designed for student concerns for which there are no other avenues of redress. 

View the Student Grievance process (Policy Number SA-27.02-02/17) here.