Data and Research Services

The Haas Center believes a deep understanding of data is the key to successful strategic decision making. Data analytics allow businesses to make informed decisions, provide objective answers to business questions and take the guesswork out of the process. The Haas center uses a variety of data analytic strategies and tools to offer superior business intelligence.

Data Mining

The Haas Center uses advanced data mining techniques to sort through data volumes, identify hidden patterns and establish relationships within data that will solve business problems. Our data analysts employ techniques in association rules, clustering, classification, regression and, forecasting algorithms to discover patterns in data that provide diagnostic, descriptive, and predictive analytics for our clients.

Advanced Analytics

We offer advanced analytics that enable customers to conduct what-if analyses to predict the effects of changes in business strategy. Complex statistical algorithms and machine learning techniques are used to identify patterns in data and make predictions about future behaviors.

Data Visualization

We can help you understand the significance of data through data visualizations. We use industry-leading tools to develop infographic reports, visualizations, and dashboards that tell data stories anyone can understand.

Survey Research

The Haas Center is very experienced at conducting primary data collection. The 10-seat call center located at the Haas Center’s downtown Pensacola office has been an invaluable resource to the community since 2013. The facility is staffed by interviewers who have been trained according to the Protecting Human Research Participants program offered by the National Institution of Health’s Office of Extramural Research. The program follows the Best Practices outlined by the American Association for Public Opinion Research.

The Haas Center’s computer-assisted telephone interviews (CATI) are conducted using the Voxco Software. Unless provided by our clients, our samples are frequently obtained from Survey Sampling International and ASDE Survey Sampler-firms that specialize in providing scientific random samples for human research projects. We use a combination of screened and unscreened, and landline and cell phone lists, in order to reach the largest sample of respondents. 

We also offer online and intercept surveys with support from the Qualtrics survey software. Surveys can be administered via email distribution lists, social media, website links, Qualtrics panels or QR codes.

“We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with UWF and others in initiating this survey [2016 Supervisor of Elections Study]. The results are encouraging, and we look forward to using the data to provide an even better voter experience for the citizens of Escambia County in the future.”

David H. Stafford Supervisor of Elections Escambia County

Strategic Planning

The Haas Center has experience in strategic planning with a diverse range of stakeholders, including regional municipalities and cities, regional and state organizations, and private companies. Our aim is to provide realistic, adaptable and measurable plans that build on inherent strengths and capitalize on potential opportunities. We will build an approach that is specific to your needs, but will include comprehensive socio-economic data analysis, community and stakeholder engagement, goal setting, SWOT analyses, recommendations and implementation plans. In addition, we can create target industry studies, workforce analyses, and demand forecasting studies.

An ongoing endeavor is our work with Northwest Florida Forward: A Regional Strategy for Economic Transformation (NWFF), in partnership with Florida’s Great Northwest, which provides a holistic set of goals, strategies, and actions designed to ensure economic vitality through new investment and job creation, as well as the enrichment of the region’s talent base, innovation ecosystem, infrastructure, and quality of place. Please see the Technical Report at Northwest Florida Forward.

“This information on our visitors is very helpful to our ad agency and the Tourist Development Committee. The study gave us proof that our plan to reach emerging markets is working.”

Julie Morgan, Santa Rosa County Tourist Development Director

Tourism Industry Research

With over 116.5 million visitors in 2017, tourism remains one of Florida’s top industries and economic drivers. In Northwest Florida alone, the leisure and hospitality industry annually employs over 63,000 residents. The Haas Center has more than two decades of experience in conducting tourism-related research for our partners, including destination marketing organizations, chambers of commerce, local governments and cultural/art groups to provide insightful information and draw meaningful conclusions.

Our tourism experience includes survey research; focus group and in-depth interviews; visitor estimates; economic impact estimates; identification of potential markets; and return on investment. We have also completed in-depth studies on industries that contribute to tourism, like sports or film and entertainment.

Case study: The Santa Rosa Tourism Market Economic Impact Study was completed in 2018 after a year-long survey effort for Santa Rosa County's TDC.


Economic Impact Analysis

The Haas Center has been conducting economic impact studies regionally and statewide for private businesses, municipalities, and other government agencies, economic development agencies, chambers of commerce and more.  We offer a variety of state of the art economic impact and input-output models to conduct economic impact analyses that meet our clients’ needs.

The Haas Center and the Office of Economic Development and Engagement recently completed a full economic effects study of tobacco use analysis for Florida’s Department of Health.  The analysis included all measurable direct costs, including healthcare expenditures for conditions attributable to tobacco consumption, and indirect costs, such as lost workforce productivity due to missed work days and premature deaths. Cost calculations included tobacco production, retail sales information and tax collections data. The goal was to capture the full "tobacco economy" within the state of Florida.

Case study: Economic Footprint of Tobacco Use in Florida

Feasibility Analysis

We can determine the market supportability and potential returns for various business or development plans. Our services include the following types of studies: market and site assessments, supply/demand studies, pro forma development, sensitivity analyses, development programming/phasing plans, and fiscal/economic impact studies. We have worked with real estate developers, hospitals, local governments, financial institutions, and nonprofits.